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Engineering Work

Major Repair Machine


Continental Tyre As Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 4 Bowl Major Repair

  • Replacement of complete new sets of bushings and metal case ( bushing housings )
  • Refurbish / resurface rolls shaft ( depends on severity of surface worn-out ).
  • To rebuild the helical gear teeth due to dented condition
  • Replacement of internal parts for bushing housings.

Upgrade PT100 Machine Press


Continental Tyre As Malaysia Sdn Bhd Upgrade PT100

  • Supply mechanical and electrical labors for installation of PT100 hardware
  • Disconnect and dismantle  existing armours cable to each machine
  • Disconnect and dismantle existing cable and wires from the main electrical panel to the junction terminal boxes
  • Make new piping line for Cooling, Air and Steam system
  • I/O check and Commissioining

Upgrade ISCP System


Continental Tyre As Malaysia Sdn Bhd Facing Guard Installation

  • ISCP System for curing line installation.
  • Upgrading new system of electrical and mechanical work.

Install CTM Auto Length


Continental Tyre As Malaysia Sdn Bhd CTM Auto Length

  • Install CCTV Scanner.
  • Install new system for CTM Auto Length Machine.